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The Pros of Verizon FiOs

Verizon FiOs Internet

Verizon FiOs is one of latest bundle package that offers cable, internet and phone services powered by the latest fiber optic technology. Being the latest to be released, most people have high expectations of the service. And kudos to Verizon ...

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Cable Users Switch To Verizon FiOs

Verizon Fios

More and more are terminating their respective contracts with their cable service providers. Why? They are switching to the most reliable service provider – Verizon FiOs. There are so many reasons for the switch. But here we’ll talk about the ...

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The biggest cause of slow computer speed

slow computer speed

So, you suspect that age has finally caught up with your computer and want to run a computer speed test to verify this? A slow computer is not a great proposition. However, age has got little do with the sagging ...

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Verizon speed test: The Bandwidth Effect

The bandwith effect

The average American have 7 devices that are connected to the internet, and pretty soon everything in your home will be connected. Fiber optics made things faster than ever before, but internet speed, it’s only the begining.

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Fios internet speed: 500 MB per second

Verizon fios

The Internet gets faster starting today. The highest FiOS Quantum speed tier yet is being rolled out — 500/100 Megabits per second broadband speed available in parts of markets where FiOS is available. These types of speeds can easily allow ...

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Fios internet plans

Verizon internet plans

Welcome to FiOS Quantumsm Internet. With the new FiOS fastest Internet plans, do the things you love – faster than ever. Compare all FiOS Internet Plans FiOS Internet Plans 15 Mbps Download 5 Mbps Upload 50 Mbps Download 25 Mbps Upload 75 Mbps Download 35 Mbps Upload 150 Mbps Download 65 ...

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DSL speed test

dsl speed test

A dsl speed test is recommended if you feel your internet connection is not working to its optimum level and would like to find out if it is sluggish due to something you are doing. These free tools that can be found ...

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